Asking Questions Can Create Prosperity


J.D. Smith

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We at Hipturist believe in building relationships that further our people. Wealth Legion is a personal finance education company that aligns with our mission. This is why Hipturist has partnered with them to write a book.

100 questions Black People Should Ask Themselves” is a candid conversation we should have at our dinner tables today.

This book lives true to the saying “questions are unheard answers. The right questions will ultimately expand our collective mindset. To build that sense of empowerment and confidence, we must go further with the conversation.

In the black community, we must take a sobering look into the black experience and understand our numbers.

It’s projected that By 2053, the average net worth of black Americans is expected to be $0. Despite being the most educated people in the world, Black households have 10 times less net worth than white households and the gap is growing.

Despite the ability to integrate into every part of society, we still fall short in the area of our financial security. This is due to the lack of financial education within the culture.

From the worker at Walmart to the soaring executive at a Fortune 500 company, we are behind our white counterparts in economic prowess and building generational wealth.

This conversation allows the black community to create dialogue and take productive steps on these topics. Each person will walk away with a sense of clarity. 

Our mission for this book is to help generations come together and ask critical questions at the dinner table, salons, barbershops, churches, local meetups, and town hall meetings.

The issues facing the black community must be solved within the black community and the content in this book will help everyone move forward quickly together.

African Americans must decide what we really want and where we want to go. This book marks a turning point in history, as the black community embarks on a new journey of self-reflection, purpose, identity, and freedom.

“100 Questions Black People Should Ask Themselves” is available for Pre-Order on Amazon Kindle today! The more you learn the more you become productive. Productivity is a major key to building our legacy.

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