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February Savings Challenge hosted by Wealth Legion

Updated: Feb 19

Photo by Oyemike Princewill on Unsplash

Written by John Hall

Wealth Legion works to create individual financial empowerment, building a pathway toward financial freedom. One of the first steps toward financial independence is growing your savings. Every individual needs to have a personal safety net. Some call it a rainy day fund, others refer to it as an emergency fund. This account serves as a buffer in case you lose your job or primary source of income temporarily, or the many other circumstances that could occur that would negatively impact your finances. Typically one should have from 3 months up to 12 months of income set aside. Situations and circumstances vary, so take inventory of your personal situation to see what level of savings feels right, or consult with a financial professional who could assess your situation and point out all of your strengths, weaknesses, and risks.

Welcome to our February Savings Challenge!

One lucky winner will earn $50 just for saving money during February and for completing a few fun, simple tasks. So what are the rules?


  • You must save at least $5 every week during February.

  • Must show 4 weeks worth of new savings deposits, OR proof of when you were invited to the challenge and proof of new weekly savings until contest end date.

  • Follow and like our FB page - Wealth Legion

  • Follow our IG - Wealth Legion

  • Tag 3 people to our February Challenge post on either our FB or IG page.

  • To be eligible to win you must submit proof of completing all contest objectives.

  • One winner will be randomly selected from all participants who have successfully completed all objectives.

*Contest ends midnight PST Feb 29th. Email with screenshots of all your completed challenge items. We will allow submissions until midnight March 1st and contest winners will be announced once the results of all participants have been validated for completeness and accuracy.


Each participant that successfully completes the February Savings Challenge will walk away a winner. Upon successful validation of your challenge objectives, you will receive a free digital download of Wealth Legion's personal budget worksheet. We have tested this tool with 4th graders and it is simple and easy to use. This download will allow you to take your savings to the next level and continue to build strong savings habits for 2024.

Wealth Legion always wants you to invest in yourself and we couldn't think of a better way to begin the year as we support you in crushing your 2024 financial resolutions. This will be the easiest $50 you ever won because many people will not complete all the simple tasks. Stay focused and your odds of winning are very high. Wishing everyone luck in the contest and we have much more in store for 2024!

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