Wealth Legion and Hipturist Discuss Their Upcoming Book

Updated: Jun 24, 2019

With the upcoming release of their new book, “101 Questions Black People Should Ask Themselves,” John Hall and J.D. Smith have witnessed huge excitement coming from friends, family, and fans. Recently, Wealth Legion and Hipturist have been speaking more publicly about their new project, co-authored by Hall and Smith.

“The positive feedback and support has been completely overwhelming,” says John Hall, who worked as a financial advisor in Las Vegas, NV until quitting the firm to work on his own businesses full time.

“I need that book! ” Chris T. said after seeing the cover image.

“Damn, this is a hell of a title,” another friend told Hall upon seeing the book cover.

Many comments have included the excitement of readers eager to purchase the book. Other supporters have said the book creates much needed discussion for the black community.

“Things are really picking up,” John Hall said, referring to the volume of email coming in every day about the book.

“So many great opportunities are ahead for us,” he added.

Due to the flood of inbox messages from Wealth Legion and Hipturist‘s exclusive newsletter subscribers, Smith and Hall can no longer answer the messages in a day and decided to increase staffing.

“People have been so enthusiastic to support this project that they’re volunteering for positions that haven’t even been created yet.

From what’s happening already, I think this is going to be bigger than some might imagine,” Smith said.

Learn more about his media publication at: https://www.hipturist.com

This weekend, John Hall and J.D. Smith met for a private webinar and decided to release the footage to the public since there have been so many questions coming in about the contents of the book.

Watch the full interview featuring 3 questions from their book, along with the personal thoughts of the authors.


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