Wealth Legion Investment Group

Updated: Jul 13, 2019

Wealth Legion is an educational platform teaching personal finance principles, from debt management to estate planning. We have received numerous inquiries about investing. Monday, July 8th, marks the opening of our 3 month investment contest. The contest will end on September 30th and the winner will receive $100 cash. You do not need an investment account to enter and there is no cost to join the contest.

How to Play:

1) Go to www.wealthlegion.com and subscribe.

2) Email jh@wealthlegion.com and type "Wealth Legion Investment Group" as the subject line.

You will receive a message with details about the contest and the link to join the group. Bring your best ideas and be prepared to have fun. One lucky person might walk away with $100.

*Wealth Legion Investment Group is a stock simulator and no real money is needed. We do not charge a fee and will never ask for money. Wealth Legion Investment Group is intended to be an educational tool for entertainment purposes only.

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