Wealth Legion's interview with Hipturist.com

Updated: Feb 27, 2021

Today John Hall, founder of Wealth Legion, met with friend and business partner, J.D. Smith, founder of Hipturist.com. Hipturist is also known as The Black Wall Street Journal. Hipturist is a network that focuses on educating and providing the black community with relevant insights and initiatives within the topics of Money, Culture, and Business.

Wealth Legion and Hipturist have formed an exclusive partnership for a new book, co-authored by John Hall and J.D. Smith. The book titled: "100 Questions Black People Should Ask" - A Candid Conversation, will be extremely successful in creating dialogue that will drive real change and inspire everyone toward having a greater vision for the future. Wealth Legion and Hipturist have agreed to collaborate on future books following the release of their inaugural joint work. Both organizations have decided to pledge lifetime royalties of book sales toward the I Promise School founded by Lebron James, as well as other causes such as the water crisis in Flint, MI.

"It is at the heart of my mission to create something of value and from that value build something good that can create infinite ripples in the world. The I Promise school is a model of what can be accomplished when private sector entrepreneurs and investors decide to value education and children first," John Hall remarked.

Learn More: http://www.lebronjamesfamilyfoundation.org/page/ipromiseschool

During the meeting in Chicago between Wealth Legion and Hipturist, Hall and Smith recorded a live podcast to chronicle some of their discussions. Subscribe to the Wealth Legion podcast for future updates and listen on digital platform of your choice.

You can listen to the recent podcast here: https://anchor.fm/wealthlegion/episodes/John-Hall-interviewed-by-the-founder-of-Hipturist-com-e4a3dh/a-agtmo9

Bonus Content: https://anchor.fm/wealthlegion/episodes/Bonus-content-from-the-Wealth-Legion--Hipturist-interview-e4a4ct/a-agtplm

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