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Once in a generation, a powerful orator rises up with the ability to impact everyone. This person has a voice and a message that transcends races, religions, and creeds. Most people's greatest fear is public speaking. Many people step into the arena of public speaking at some point in their life. Only a small few will ever earn a penny from the words they speak.

William King Hollis is the exception. Electrifying every stage, he has become one of the most sought after motivational speakers of our time, as his work has taken him around the world. Hollis made history in front of 30,000 people becoming the first motivational speaker to perform and headline at Milan Fashion Week, in Milan Italy. Once homeless, King's gift now allows him to lives his dreams, sharing inspirational and motivational messages that speak life and hope into every ear that can hear.

Recently, I connected with Hollis and we found that collaborating for a discussion would yield positive results toward our common goals. Everything that King Hollis represents embodies the core purpose of Wealth Legion. Our mission is to be the leader in financial education and personal development for communities of color. Our purpose is to build the next generation of leaders and accelerate economic growth in communities of color. We support King's mission 100% and will work to amplify his voice through all of our platforms.

Building His Legacy

William Hollis is one of the hardest working people I've ever had the privilege of knowing. On multiple occasions when I'm up working late at 2am PST, he's up even later, because of the difference in time zones. I want everyone to know he's a man of his word and he does what he says he's going to do.

King has the biggest heart and he truly lives his life in service to others. If you gave him a dollar, he will give you back five dollars worth of value and that's just the type of heart he has. In business, it is important to surround yourself with authentic people you can trust and Hollis is world-class in both character and integrity.

My goal is to shine light on the important work King Hollis is doing to help the people. He's leading a great movement called the Guns Down, Hands Up Tour. Many people from our communities don't have the ability to see King speak live. These events allow him to get in front of young people, encouraging them to put their guns down, helping youth step into a positive life that will build our communities.

I strongly encourage everyone to support this cause and give what you can afford to give. Just $1, or $5 will make a big difference. You can contact and follow William King Hollis right here. He wants to hear from you.

If you use Cash App you can send any amount to: $willsmilesllc

Meeting with the King

King Hollis shared some inspirational thoughts with me, empowering listeners and viewers across the world with his vision. He spoke of faith and how he literally created a successful career with nothing but his voice, and his passion. He talked about becoming clean on the inside and how to step into the greater blessings that are just around the corner for you.

The thing I found most impactful about our time together is how much he wants to make a difference in the lives of people that will listen to the knowledge and wisdom he imparts. This inspires me to want to do more and I hope it inspires you to want to do more.

William King Hollis shared plans of how he wants to uplift the community with his own Boys and Girls club funded 100% by local communities to give everyone a sense of pride and ownership. He explained how to build communities out of poverty by teaching principles of ownership and stressed the importance of financial literacy - a core mission of Wealth Legion.

King discussed one of his upcoming talks that will soon be released. Subscribe to his videos so you can be one of the first to watch it. Hollis spoke of a recent video he released on June 6th (my birthday, ironically), that already has over 620,000 views on YouTube alone. Watch his video: I Can Do This

In closing, King Hollis joined me in the nationwide discussion that is taking place from the new book: 100 Questions Black People Should Ask Themselves. The book is an uplifting, yet sobering look into the black experience, intended to expand the mindset of individuals and elevate the collective consciousness.

This ongoing conversation allows the black community to create dialogue and take productive steps on these topics. Each person will walk away with a sense of empowerment. King shared how he was inspired to write a book himself and said he'd be interested in doing a book with me. Let's hold him to it.

Final Thoughts

In life, everyone needs someone they can look up to that will have something positive to say. A person that is a beacon of light and hope. Everyone needs some type of hero to believe in when times get tough. A hero is defined in the dictionary as: "A person who is admired or idealized for courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities.

"Going on stage in front of 30,000 people takes courage. I believe King has some outstanding achievements. I believe King has some noble qualities. I encourage all of you to lean on the story and words of William King Hollis in your time of need. I'm confident you will become a better person in the process.

The philosophies and ideologies held by Mr. Hollis are aligned with the beliefs and mission of Wealth Legion. I look forward to cultivating an even more meaningful relationship with him over the years, and will be a steady ally in helping get his message out to the world. I'm grateful for the time connecting with him and we wanted to share the experience with you.

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