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Updated: Feb 27, 2021

We had the pleasure of interviewing Chris Thomas, founder of Your Passion 1st. Chris is the Associate Director of Recruiting Operations for Purpose Workforce Solutions - a mentoring and coaching based staffing firm.

Your Passion 1st is a workforce readiness festival company, leveraging a podcast based mentoring & coaching platform focused on inspiring young adults to overcome adversity as they find, define, and follow their passion.

During our time together Chris discussed the work he is doing to help underprivileged young people shift from a $300 a day mindset of working on the block, to a long term perspective of building a $300 an hour life through legitimate hard work.

Chris mentioned some of the roadblocks he faces in helping his target audience. A large majority don't have access to basic necessities, such as the internet at home. His organization advises and helps them through these hurdles, starting them along a path toward building skills that will help them ultimately land their dream job.

John Hall, founder of Wealth Legion, is a member of the advisory board of Your Passion 1st, assisting with the financial literacy piece of the organization.

"I am extremely grateful for this partnership, and I know how important the work is that Chris and his group are doing," Hall said.

Chris Thomas shared that he started from nothing, and built everything from the ground up. In the beginning he had no team, no funding, no support, just an idea. Thomas is working diligently to create a winning team to build his company and it shows in the quality of the work he has done. Please visit their Facebook group and watch the videos of their podcast episodes. Show your support and like their page.

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